James Blount - Lead Producer and Co-Lyricist

James was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ where he spent the better part of 20 years learning and acting in various theatrical productions around the Phoenix area. Starting in 2011, James decided to pursue Producing Theatre after discovering the other various aspects did not appease his creativity the way he seemed fit. He moved to San Diego, CA and produced two shows back to back for a Halloween festival held in downtown back in 2015. After those shows he moved up to Huntington Beach, CA where he met Austin and with their powers combined came up with two full length musicals Next Big Hit!

Justin Guarini - Director

From the tender age of 4 years old, when he was accepted into the prestigious Atlanta Boys Choir program, Justin has been in love with entertainment. Over the past 20 years, Justin has entertained hundreds of millions of fans all over the world. From his breakout run on the groundbreaking first season of American Idol (performing live, in front of 30 million viewers each week and finishing 2nd overall), touring across America in sold out arenas of 30,000 screaming fans, to starring in 7 musicals and plays in principal roles on Broadway, to hosting live televised red carpet events for the Grammys/Emmys/Tonys, to his award winning 7-year long commercial campaign as the lovable “Lil’ Sweet” for Dr. Pepper, to sharing his hard-won entertainment expertise in his best selling book “Audition Secrets”…Justin prides himself on delivering a diverse, memorable, and outstanding entertainment experience for everyone he serves. 

Austin J. Foster - Book

Austin J. Foster was born and raised in southern California, where he currently lives. At the early age of four he was cast in a featured role on the hit Television show Friends. Thanks to the dedication of his parents he spent the next 14 years doing background and featured roles across Television, Movies, and Commercials. Having never given up on his dream of working in the Entertainment industry, he began writing and a new passion was born. He has written a variety of short films, short stories, spec-scripts, and more.  Austin has a strong background on the stage as well, having been involved in Theater from a young age, where he spent summers working with the local theaters. 

Austin is very excited to bring you the world of Next Big Hit very soon!

Matthew Jordan - Music and Co-Lyricist

Matthew Jordan has been creating and loving music since childhood. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s degree in music, and from Utah State University with a certification as a music therapist. Matthew has worked as a music therapist since 2008, and loves to see how music is so powerful in reaching people in ways that nothing else can.

His music has been used nationally on the popular podcast, ScriptNotes, and in various local performances. Besides his work on Next Big Hit, his musical theater projects included Chester and Julia, Aliens Invaded Homecoming, and Facets of Love.

Matthew is most proud of being a husband to his wonderful wife, Sarah, and the father of 8 children.