Thank you for your interest in our shows! The world of Broadway investing is one that involves great risk, but the reward can be very profitable.

Investing in a Broadway show is very high risk and we can NEVER guarantee a return.

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“Next Big Hit” taps into several themes and emotions that are popular among theater-goers. The story of a small-town girl with big dreams who rises to fame and must navigate the challenges of the entertainment industry is a classic and relatable tale. Additionally, the conflict between Lara and Ronnie creates a compelling narrative that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. The idea of someone using their power to crush the dreams of a young artist is a theme that can resonate with many people who have felt oppressed or powerless in their own lives.

Finally, the show includes elements of romance, drama, and redemption, which can make for a satisfying and emotionally-charged experience for theater-goers. Overall, the story of "Next Big Hit" has the potential to be a crowd-pleaser and a hit on Broadway.

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